We are an independent private equity firm that invests in established companies within mature markets. Our focus lies in traditional industries, where we serve as a reliable partner for succession planning in mid-sized companies as well as for the divestiture of non-core business units from international corporations (corporate carve-outs).

Our senior team combines decades of experience in closing complex transactions and actively realizing value enhancement opportunities both at and, more importantly, within the company. Additionally, we have a team of operational experts who work alongside management and employees in our portfolio companies to actively implement predefined value enhancement measures along the entire value chain. ("We are doers, not PowerPoint artists!")

As a multi-family office, we invest our own capital and that of other close-knit entrepreneurial families (no complex institutional structures).

This makes us fast, flexible, and decisive!

With our extensive experience in carve-outs, we support our portfolio companies as an active investor not only in building independent mid-sized structures but throughout the entire investment period in optimizing operational processes and strategic positioning. Our focus is on mid-sized companies or corporate units in the DACH region and neighboring Europe.

We only invest in companies we understand and that operate in mature markets without disruptive leaps. The specific sector in which the company operates is not decisive for us.

Our investment approach aims from the outset at realizing operational improvement potentials along the entire value chain. We not only focus on cost and liquidity optimizations but also place a strong emphasis on innovation and growth initiatives (including buy-and-build). For this purpose, we keep additional capital ready for value-enhancing investments even after closing.

Our Values

"A company without values is a company without value."

Whether sunshine or rain, we stand by our companies as a strong sparring partner. We don't see ourselves as a traditional financial sponsor but are rather guided by our entrepreneurial responsibility. While success drives our actions, we do not pursue it at any cost nor by any means.

To us, companies are not projects but living organizations. We value entrepreneurs and doers over mere managers. Therefore, we strive to make our companies "better" and ensure they have a strong future, even in challenging times. We provide our investments with the support they need to achieve their strategic goals long-term and fully realize their growth potential. For us, mutual trust, open and direct communication (including about problems), and long-term oriented actions are paramount. This is the only way we can successfully face challenges together. Obstacles are inevitable. As experienced entrepreneurs, we never lose confidence and always keep our goals firmly in sight.


We are more than just a financial sponsor. Due to our own entrepreneurial background, we quickly identify the hidden potential of a company and can leverage it effectively

We have the necessary discipline, as we invest our own funds for the longer term.


For us, our portfolio companies are not projects, but living organizations. Just as our CEOs are not "managers" but co-entrepreneurs. We share opportunities and risks and are not "greedy". We demand and encourage self-initiative and responsible entrepreneurship. We communicate honestly and straightforward and expect the same from our partners.

Active Sparring

We consider ourselves as an active sparring partner for our portfolio companies. After many years of management experience as CEOs, CROs and CFOs, we know what is important both in the strategic positioning and in the day-to-day operations of a company.


Entrepreneurship needs guts! We are determined to achieve great things in a short time. We are not afraid to take risks and are decisive. We expect the same from our CEOs. Mistakes can happen, but it is important to learn from them. "Entrepreneur comes from entreprendre", i.e. determination and consistency form the basis for achieving ambitious goals.